Grupo SitSac is a company developed and based on strategic business units that allow us to offer high quality products and exclusive design in different market segments.

Our excellence is not limited to the offer of exclusive products, at Grupo SitSac, we understand that the high value treatment of our collaborators and clients drives us every day to achieve our objectives.

We firmly believe that the success of Grupo SitSac is based on the talent, dedication and commitment of our collaborators.

For this reason, we promote a safe, healthy and stimulating work environment that fosters the personal and professional development of our collaborators.

At Grupo SitSac, we also strive to offer our clients a premium treatment that makes them feel unique and special. We strive to understand their needs and expectations, and to offer them personalized solutions. Each client is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to quality, service and attention to detail.


Our mission is to offer our customers an exceptional luxury goods shopping experience through our brands. We strive to be leaders in the luxury goods industry by offering exclusive, high-quality products that reflect the passion and care we put into every detail.

For us, the premium treatment of our customers is essential by offering them a personalized and attentive service, providing them with an incomparable shopping experience.

We constantly seek to innovate and push the limits of creativity and design. We want to be known for our ability to create unique, high-quality products that reflect the lifestyle and personality of our customers. In addition, we are committed to working responsibly and ethically, caring for the environment and contributing to the sustainable development of our communities. At Grupo SitSac we want to be a model of excellence and leadership in all areas of our company.


We value diversity, respect, honesty, and transparency in all our relationships, and we work to create an environment of camaraderie that inspires creativity and teamwork.